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Lani, the celestial realm above,

Where the sun, La, shines its radiant light,

A source of Mana, the sacred energy,

Lani and Lalo, representing the expanse of Space,

Together forming Manawa, the fusion of Energy and Space,

The synergy of Mana and Wa.

Mauna, the eternal mountain peak,

Beyond the constraints of space and time,

Manawa, the ever-present moment,

Holding the potency of the now.

La, the embodiment of Mana's energy,

Initiating the awakening of the senses,

The eyes, our Kipuka, a portal,

A conduit for transformation, the Kinolau's dance,

Taking countless forms in this cosmic play.

Lani, the realm above,

Lalo, the realm below,

La, the sun's vital force,

Leo, the vibration that resonates through space and time,

Interweaving as one, space/time and energy,

La, governing the circadian rhythms, the dance of a day,

Or Wa, the essence of Manawa, the flowing present.

La, or Ao, the realm of consciousness,

The state of enlightenment we seek,

Lani and Mahina, the moon's gentle glow,

Mahi, the act of nurturing and cultivating,

Lalo, the realm beneath,

Navigating the cycles of time, Wa and Au,

Where Au signifies the self, the rhythmic flow,

You embody Au, the spirit of Waʻs Mana,

And in this Manawa, lies the potency of the present.


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